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Third Rock Music Center

Music Lessons and COVID-19

Third Rock Music Center is taking every precaution to protect our teachers, employees, students and their families. We strive to create a clean environment that is student friendly and stress free. Because not everyone is able to take in-person lessons, select teachers are now offering online lessons. Click HERE for a list of our teachers and their current studio status.

To schedule lessons or if you have any questions, please call the store at 513-843-5739 or email

We ask students who aren't feeling well to either stay home or switch to a remote lesson, if possible.

At this time, we are asking students and teachers to wear a mask during lessons. We encourage everyone to maintain social distance and use hand sanitizer/wash hands before lessons. If you have questions, please call the store.

After being closed for over a year, our lesson waiting area is open. Parents may wait for their children in the designated area on the second floor.

If you would like to minimize your time in the store, lesson payments may be processed online or over the phone. We are always happy to help you in-store as well.

Music Lesson at Third Rock Music Center during COVID-19.