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Third Rock Music Center


Music is our life! It’s in our blood. We can’t imagine doing anything else. Collectively, we have over 100+ years of service and sales experience in this industry. That fact alone speaks volumes on how much we LOVE our customers and this business. We want to be small and local so that we can respond quickly with expert advice that support YOUR musical interests and needs. We understand that being part of the Cincinnati music community means so much more than just hanging a guitar on the wall and slapping a price tag on it. We want to go above and beyond that. Of course we want your business. That is what supports our cause, but we want to be actively involved in YOUR music world. We want to be there when YOUR child begins their first music lessons. Or when you’re starting a local band or when you want to branch out and try a new instrument. Whatever YOUR musical needs are – we are willing and able to help!

Getting expert advice from the beginning will save you time, money and prevent creative frustration. We offer exceptional service and advice for everything from which strings to put on your instrument, or what guitar pedal will take you to the edge of the cliff, or custom sound reinforcement solutions (including design, installation and application). We are confident that we have the answers and products to help you. Our teachers are world class and offer many lessons to turn your musical dreams into reality.

Thanks for visiting our website and checking out our story. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates and happenings. Call, email, join the blog or stop by the store for a fun new experience. Just remember that Third Rock Music is ‘In tune with YOUR World’! See you soon!