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Third Rock Music Center


Rockslide Large Aged Brass Slide

Rockslide Large Aged Brass Slide from Third Rock Music Center 

The Aged Brass Rock Slide is designed and carefully crafted with your needs as a player taken into careful consideration. The Rock Slide is simply unmatched in comfort, thanks to the design's contoured finger rest and knuckle cutaway. And the slide's tapered interior ensures a uniform fit along your whole finger, adding stability and control to your slide performances. The slide's aged brass material is legendary for its gritty feel and cutting sustain, making your passages jump out.

Aged brass sound

The Aged Brass Balltip Rock Slide is the one that started it all with the look of a well-worn tool. Brass imparts your tone with a cutting sound, and the rough surface of the aged brass adds a bit of drag and grit while traveling across the strings. Want to know what a great metal slide sounds like? Give players like blues slide guru Johnny Winter a listen.

A feature-packed slide

Place a Rock Slide on your finger, and you’ll know why the company makes sure to tell you it’s “not just a piece of pipe!” Rock Slides are quickly gaining in popularity with players thanks to some carefully considered features. The interior of the slide is tapered throughout, giving your finger the same controlled fit at your fingertip as you have at the base of your knuckle. The finger rest contoured into the side of the slide is surprisingly ergonomic. The knuckle cutaway keeps the slide positioned correctly on your finger at all times. And the Rock Slide Aged Brass Balltip slide’s ball tip makes it a great choice for Dobro, resonator, and lap steel guitars.

  • Material:Brass
  • Finish:Aged
  • Size:Large, Ring Size 11-13
  • Internal Diameter:0.82" (21mm)
  • Length:2.79" (71mm)
  • Features:Tapered Interior, Finger Rest