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Third Rock
Music Center

Closed Monday May 27th
Mon-Wed 11am - 8pm  
 Thur-Fri 11am - 5pm 
Sat 10am - 5pm   Closed Sunday

LED510 Orchestra Stand Light


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atteries or the included AC adapter.


10 LED lights illuminates up to 4 pages
3-way power button located on base to control High/Low/Off without accidentally changing the light's position
Easy access to AC adapter plug
11" adjustable gooseneck allows optimal positioning

On-Stage LED510 Overview


The On-Stage Clip-On LED Orchestra Light features 10 LED lights, which provide a wide area of coverage and illuminate up to four pages of sheet music. The power switch is conveniently located and features two brightness levels - high and low. The back shade blocks any glare from the audience. The sturdy and flexible gooseneck can be positioned in many directions and the padded clip easily attaches to your music stand or pedalboard. The compact design also sits flat on a desktop. This LED light can be powered by three AA batteries or the included AC adapter.