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Boss OC-3 Super Octave Pedal


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-World’s first compact pedal with true Polyphonic Octave effects
-New Drive mode adds distortion to octave notes for a fatter, more aggressive tone
-Includes the original OC-2 mode, capable of producing notes one and two octaves down
-Poly Octave effect adjustable to play within a specific note range
-Bass input for adapting octave sound to bass guitars
-BOSS five-year limited warranty
For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739
Featuring three distinct modes that improve it over the OC-2, the Boss OC-3 Super Octave deals out quality pitch shifting in a conveniently-sized package. The new Polyphonic mode proves true polyphonic octave effects that are adjustable to specific note ranges. The original OC-2 dual octave effect is also included as a mode on the OC-3, and the Drive mode adds distortion into the mix. The OC-3 truly boasts unmatched versatility in the way that it combines different octave effects and overdrive. A Bass input adds to the pedal's versatility, and four knobs let you adjust the Super octave to your every whim. For conveniently-sized, authentic polyphonic pitch shifting, look no further than the Super Octave from Boss.