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Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz / EQ Pedal


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Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • Fuzz pedal for guitar and bass
  • Clean blend allows you to dial in your clean tone with the fuzz effect, perfect for maintaining fundamental tones
  • Premium components used throughout, including EQ-centric op-amps
  • Mid tone control for 10dB boost/cut to dial in your midrange
  • Tilt EQ offers fast tone shaping, boosting highs while cutting lows or vice versa
  • Internal trim pot offers a boost/cut at 40Hz, great for exaggerated fuzz or cleaning up your low end
  • Internal slider shifts the center frequency of the mid boost and tilt EQ from 900Hz (great for guitar) to 250Hz (great for bass)
  • Requires 9V negative-center power supply, not included
For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739

Mean Fuzz with Clean Blend

Catalinbread calls the Giygas fuzz pedal "the most powerful fuzz weapon in the known universe" . Starting with its rowdy core voicing, you have a ton of tone-shaping potential here. Use the clean blend circuit to dial in some of your clean tone with the fuzz, then use the mid boost to highlight your ideal spot in the frequency spectrum. From there you've got a powerful tilt EQ — rolls back highs when boosting lows, and vice versa — that seems to sound gloriously musical no matter how you set it. Whether you like your fuzz smooth and sustaining, gritty and bright, or simply obnoxious, you're going to be impressed with the Catalinbread Giygas fuzz pedal.

Versatile fuzz factory for guitar or bass

The core of the Catalinbread Giygas is a Muff-style circuit with some tweaked component values to give it a distinctive voicing. Inside, you'll find a trim pot and a slider switch. The trim pot boosts or cuts 40Hz (cutting can help bassists clean up low-end mud and tighten your tone), while the slider shifts the center frequency for the mid boost and tilt EQ from 900Hz to 250Hz — this optimizes the tone controls for bass. Careful with the 40Hz control — if you boost it, then use the tilt EQ to boost bass, you're adding a ton of low-end content to your signal.

Tilt EQ for big tone shaping with little thought

Musicians and engineers alike have long appreciated the simple and effective nature of a tilt EQ like the one found on the Catalinbread Giygas fuzz pedal. Think of it like a beam balanced on a single point — bring up one end and the other lowers, and vice versa. You can achieve drastic tone changes without having to think about whether you're boosting or cutting individual frequencies too much, and always seems to sound musical regardless of where it's set.