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Third Rock
Music Center

Mon-Wed 11am - 8pm  
 Thur-Fri 11am - 5pm 
Sat 10am - 5pm   Closed Sunday

(513) 843-5739
Closed Thanksgiving
9am - 5pm!!

Earth Quaker

Brands > Earth Quaker
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Acapulco Gold V2 Power Amp Distortion


Aquaduct Vibrato


Arrows V2 Pre-Amp Booster


Dipatch Master V2 Digital Delay and Reverb


Dunes Mini Mega Ultimate Overdrive


Earthquaker Plumes Small Signal Shredder


Erupter Perfect Fuzz Pedal


Hoof V2 Germanium Slilcon Hybrid Fuzz Pedal


Pailisades V2 Pedal


Rainbow Machine Polyphonic Pitch Mesmerizer


Westwood Overdrive Pedal