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Rainbow Machine Polyphonic Pitch Mesmerizer


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EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine V2 Polyphonic Pitch-shifting Modulator Effects Pedal Features:

  • Polyphonic pitch-shifting modulator pedal
  • 2nd-gen model with Flexi Switch switching for momentary or latching operation
  • Magic control adds more harmonic movement
  • 100% analog dry signal path
  • True bypass
  • Expression pedal for control of the pitch


Like Nothing Else Out There

The Rainbow Machine V2 from EarthQuaker Devices empowers guitarists to defy convention and explore otherworldly sounds that are often very un-guitar-like. This second-generation model adds Flexi Switch relay-based switching, which gives you access to either momentary or latching operation for both footswitches. This polyphonic pitch-shifting modulator pedal creates soundscapes that wash your sound in harmonic movement. And the selectable Magic control takes the pitch-shifting effects into totally new sonic territory. By EarthQuaker Devices' own admission, the Rainbow Machine V2 is for "experimenters, adventurists, and noisemakers." The guitarists at Sweetwater know that the journey is sometimes more important than the destination, and the Rainbow Machine V2 is there to propel your musical adventures.