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American Ultra Telecaster - Ultraburst


Fender 72 Tele Thinline MN Nat


Fender Midnight Telecaster


Fender Squier Classic Telecaster Cust 3TS




Rarities Shipping to Singapore $210.00


Rarities Tele Pommele Sapele Top


Rarities Tele USA Flame top Chambered MN NAT


Tele AM Pro MN NAT w case


Tele American Elite Thinline MN NAT v


Tele American Professional 2TS MN


Tele Classic Vibe Thinline Natural


Tele Contemporary HH MPL BLK MN


Tele Deluxe Nashville MN WBL


Tele Deluxe Thinline Maple Neck Candy Apple Red


Tele Jimmy Page Dragon, Natural


Tele Jimmy Page Mirror USA RW WBL


Tele Player MN Capri


Tele SQ AFFinity LRL SLS gray


Tele Squire Contempor


Tele Squire CV 50's MN WBL


Tele Ultra MN PRB


Tele Ultra RW TXT


Tele Vintera 50's Mod MN DNB w bag


Tele Vintera 50s MN FRD w bag


Telecaster American Elite MN ACB


Vintera 60's Tele W/Bigsby PF WBL


Vintera 70's Tele Thinline AGN