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Martin Strings MM13 Medium Monel


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Martin MM13 Retro Acoustic Guitar Strings Features:

  • Vintage-inspired acoustic strings deliver superior acoustic tone
  • Monel nickel/copper alloy wrap wire is super strong and generates a cool vintage sonic vibe
  • Strings produce a crisp sound that mellows quickly to a warm, woody tone


Strings That Bring Out the True Sound of Your Guitar

In the '70s Martin Guitars stopped producing Monel acoustic guitar strings. Since then, legendary bluegrass picker Tony Rice was never as happy with the sound of his 1935 D28. Rice and the engineers at Martin worked together to re-create the famous lost nickel alloy Monel. These strings capture the beauty and simplicity of a bygone age in how their mellow tone brings out the woody sounds of your guitar. Described by many longtime players as "broken in right out of the box," these Martin Retro series strings allow your tone to come through.



Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type:Acoustic Guitar
  • Number of Strings:6
  • Coated:No
  • Gauges:.013, .017, .026, .035, .045, .056
  • Core Material:Steel
  • Winding Material:Monel (nickel/copper)
  • Winding Type:Round
  • Manufacturer Part Number:41Y19MM13