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Compressors, Boosters and EQ's

Effects Pedals and Processors > Pedals and Footswitches > Compressors, Boosters and EQ's
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Arrows V2 Pre-Amp Booster


Bassist Bass Limiting Amplifier Pedal


CS-3 Compressor Sustainer Pedal


EP Booster


GE-7 Graphic Equilizer Pedal


JHS Haunting Mids


JHS The Milkman


JHS Whitey Tighty


Katana Clean Boost Pedal


Keeley Aria Comp Overdrive


Lacerate (NFB-2) FET Boost


Level Set Buffer Pedal


M102 Dynacomp Pedal


Naga Viper


NS-2 Noise Suppressor / Power Supply


Pulp 'N Peel V4


Redondo 30DB Boost


Redondo 30DB Boost


Sculpture (NCP-2) Mini Compressor


SP Compressor Pedal


Spark Boost


The Bends Compressor Pedal


Tone Workstation


Wampler dB+


Wampler Ego Compressor


Wampler Equator


Wampler Mini Ego Compressor


Xotic Super Clean Buffer


Xotic Super Sweet