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Distortion, Fuzz and Overdrive

Effects Pedals and Processors > Pedals and Footswitches > Distortion, Fuzz and Overdrive
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70BC Fuzz Pedal


Acapulco Gold V2 Power Amp Distortion


BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal


DDR-Drive Drive Delay Reverb


Dirty Little Secret


DS-1 Distortion Pedal


DS1 Pedal 40th Anniversary


Dunes Mini Mega Ultimate Overdrive


Earthquaker Plumes Small Signal Shredder


El Porto Overdrive with Clean Blend


Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi


Erupter Perfect Fuzz Pedal


Fender MTG Tube Distortion


Friedman BE-OD


Friedman Dirty Shirley Pedal


Fuzz Bender


Hoof V2 Germanium Slilcon Hybrid Fuzz Pedal


Horseman (NOD-1) Overdrive Pedal


Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer


Iridium Amp and Cab Pedal


JB-2 Angry Driver Pedal


JHS Angry Charlie V3


JHS Bonsai


JHS Moonshine V2


JHS Morning Glory V4


JHS Superbolt V2


Keeley Darkside fuzz and rotary


Keeley Aria Comp Overdrive


Keeley D&M Drive Pedal


Keeley Fuzz Bender Army Green


Keeley Fuzz Bender Ultra Teal


Keeley Germanium Super Phat Mod


Keeley Red Dirt Mini


Keeley Retro Super Germanium Phat Mod


Keeley Rotten Apple Fuzz


Keeley White Sands Luxe Drive


M193 GT Overdrive Pedal


M75 Super Badass Distortion Pedal


Mini Tube Screamer Pedal


Monterey Pedal


Morning Star(NOD-3) Overdrive




Pailisades V2 Pedal


Pantheon Overdrive


Red Dirt Germanium Pedal


Red Dirt Studio Deluxe


Sabbra Cadabra


Santa Anna Overdrive Pedal


SD-1 Super Overdrive


Strymon Riverside Drive


Super Phat Mod Pedal


Swollen Pickle MKIIs


Tech 21 GT2


Tone Workstation


Wampler Dracarys Distortion


Wampler Hot Wired V2


Wampler Paisley Drive


Wampler Paisley Drive Deluxe


Wampler Plexi Drive Deluxe


Wampler Plexi-Drive


Wampler Tumnus


Wampler Tumnus Deluxe


Way Huge Green Rhino


Westwood Overdrive Pedal


WM28 Huge Mini Overrated Joe Bonamassa


Xotic Soul Driven