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Third Rock
Music Center

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MultiFX Pedals

Effects Pedals and Processors > Pedals and Footswitches > MultiFX Pedals
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Voice Live Play Acoustic


Acoustic Fly Rig


AD-10 Acoustic Guitar Processor


DDR Third Rock Limited Edition


Element multi FX pedal


FLy Rig 5


Fly Rig 5- V2


Fly Rig Bass Multi Pedal


GT-1 Multi FX Pedal




HX Stomp


Iridium Amp and Cab Pedal


ME-50B Bass Multi FX Pedal


ME-80 Multi FX Pedal


MS-3 Multifx switcher


Plex Pedal Preamp


RK5 Rickie Kotzen Signature Fly Rig




Tech 21 GT2


Tre-Verb Pedal


VE-2 Vocal Effects