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Keeley DDR Third Rock Limited Edition


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Robert Keeley DDR Multi-FX Pedal Features:

  • 2-channel pedal with 6 iconic Keeley effects
  • LTD Edition Color Combination
  • A great multitasker and a capable single-pedal gigging solution
  • Two overdrive flavors: chimey, British crunch to thick, dark saturation
  • Stackable reverb or delay, with vintage and modern options for each
  • External Trails switch toggles true bypass and tails-intact switching
  • TRS Insert toggle lets you insert stomps between the DDR's drive and ambience channels
For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739

Stackable 2-ch Drive/Wet Pedal with 6 Stunning FX

Dirt and ambience form the foundation for many of our all-time favorite guitar tones. The Robert Keeley DDR stacks two flavors of three iconic effects — two overdrive colors and your choice of two reverbs or two delays — into a single box with tons of cool features under (outside, actually) the hood. Whether you're after a multi-tasker for an open spot on your board or a streamlined single-pedal gigging solution, the Keeley DDR can scratch that itch. British chime to hard-clipped tube saturation, vintage spring to modern plate reverb, even a BBD-type delay to a repeat-perfect digital — it's all here in the DDR. External toggles for true bypass or tails-intact switching and an insert for placing additional FX between the drive and ambience stages add major replay value to the well-priced Keeley DDR.

Two styles of overdrive

The clipping circuitry inside the DDR, which Robert describes as a modded 1962 with a Katana boost on top, incorporates two mainstays of the Keeley lineup. The A drive is bright, chimey, and full of British character, useful for chordal crunch to bluesy leads. The B drive is Keeley's spin on a classic TS circuit, generating dark, rich saturation with really nice harmonic content. Either voice is accessible with the flip of a switch.

Stackable reverb or delay

Once you've dialed in your drive tones, adding atmosphere is quick and easy with the Keeley's switchable reverb/delay channel. Each option gives you two choices of effects:

  • Vintage reverb — a dark, drippy spring with plenty of zing
  • Modern reverb — a spacious plate reverb with a spangly, angelic quality
  • Vintage delay — dark and degenerating; modeled after BBD-style analog delays
  • Modern delay — perfect digital repeats

Insert add'l pedals between drive and ambience

An external toggle transforms the DDR's 1/4" ins and outs into TRS jacks, allowing you to insert additional stomps between its overdrive and wet channels. In a pedalboard setting, this makes the DDR almost as versatile as having two separate pedals, with huge savings to pedal real estate.

Toggle true bypass/tails switching externally

Here at Third Rock we love our true bypass stomps. But if you're the sort of player who wants to lets your reverb tails and repeats linger after you switch off the pedal, an external Trails switch on the Keeley DDR has you covered.