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Tech 21 RK5-V2 Multi Effects Pedal


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Richie Kotzen’s Rig — Version 2!

Richie Kotzen’s rig is always a work in progress — much like his constantly evolving playing style. Version 2 of his popular RK5 Fly Rig is packed with everything that Richie demands when he hits the stage. Benefit from a massive range of tones, thanks to SansAmp amplifier emulation and wide variety of available effects. Kick your solos into saturated overdrive with 12dB of clean boost, and smooth and squash it with a musical-sounding FET compressor. The RK5 v2’s OMG overdrive includes a Fuzz function for thick, wooly fuzz tones. Add dimension to your playing with two flavors of reverb. You also get an analog delay and rotating speaker effect with tap tempo, along with a chromatic tuner. The RK5 Fly Rig v2 is brimming with features — it can easily take the place of your entire pedalboard.

The RK5 Fly Rig v2’s Boost section is armed with an independent 12dB of clean boost — perfect for kicking your solos into saturated overdrive. Beyond that, a Comp switch engages an old-school FET-based compressor — one of the best ways to slam a signal into oblivion. This warm, transparent, musical compressor ranges from subtle smoothing to all-out squash. It’s also great for enhancing your sustain.

Richie Kotzen's signature OMG overdrive and fuzz

Based on Richie's signature overdrive pedal, the OMG section of the RK5 Fly Rig v2 is voiced to sound like a sweet Class A tube amplifier. It's optimized for a tighter, quicker, snappier response, and you get Level, Tone, and Drive controls to shape your sound. But that’s not all — the RK5 v2’s Fuzz button changes the character and attack of the overdrive into a thick, wooly fuzz-style tone. If you're after rich, vintage distortion for blues, classic rock, and other styles, the RK5 v2 will serve you well.

SansAmp supplies all-analog amp emulation

With all of the awesome guitar pedals and processors you'll find, the SansAmp lineage is one of the most universally respected names in amp modeling. That's why we were absolutely thrilled when Tech 21 put a classic SansAmp analog preamp at the heart of the RK5 Fly Rig v2. Pre-voiced for clean tones, this preamp delivers all of the warmth and dimension you'd expect from a vintage tube amp, and when you crank up the Drive control, you'll be rewarded with a variable range of texture and overdrive. You also get a 3-band EQ for sculpting your tone and footswitchable reverb with large and small room sizes. The SansAmp is all analog, and it enables the RK5 v2 to run directly into a recording console or PA system. It’s also an effective way to augment your existing amp rig.

Delay section delivers vintage tape echo and roto effects

A touch of delay is the perfect dash of sonic seasoning to kick up your guitar tone, and the RK5 Fly Rig v2 more than delivers. The RK5 v2's Delay section serves up slap delays, long trailing ambiances, and everything in between. One of the coolest things about this delay section is the Drift control, which adds a dose of random modulation to enhance your sound. On top of that, a press of the Roto button transforms the Delay function into a rotating speaker effect that ramps up from a slow swirl to rapid tremolo-like sound. What's more, there's a dedicated tap tempo switch onboard, which makes it easy to adjust your delay and roto timing on the fly.