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OMG! Electric Guitars

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Cust 24 Black w/Artist Package


Custom 24 Black Gold Wrap Nickel Package


Custom 24 Blue Burst Custom Color w case


Custom 24 Red Smokeburst W case


MC594 Custom Color Red to Grey 10 Top


Rarities Collection Jazz Bass




Rarities Shipping to Singapore $210.00


Rarities Strat Amer Original 50's Koa Top MN NAT


Rarities Strat Amer Original 60s QMT Rosewood Neck


Rarities Tele Pommele Sapele Top


Rarities Tele USA Flame top Chambered MN NAT


S2 Custom 22, Trampas Green Smokeburst, w bag


S2 SIngle Cut Semi Hollow Custom Color Solona Smokeburst


S2 Singlecut Semi Hollow Tiger Eye


SC594 Emerald Green w case


Silver Sky in Dodgem Blue


Silver Sky in Tngsten (Silver)


Silversky Onyx


Special 22 2019 Faded Whale Blue Nickel Package


Strat AM Pro MN Natural


Strat American Pro MN Natural


Strat American Pro MN SSB


Strat Rarities #3 AM ORIG 60s Flame Ash MN PRB


Strat Ultra MN COB


Tele Jimmy Page Dragon, Natural


Tele Jimmy Page Mirror USA RW WBL


Tele Ultra MN PRB


Tele Ultra RW TXT


CE24 85/15 Gray Black w bag


Fender EJ Thinline Strat MN VWT


Hollow T Natural Mocha HC2 PH1 w case Trem


Jazzmaster Am Professional MN Mystic Seafoam wcase


Paul Reed Smith S2 Cust 22 Semi Hollow Birds


S2 Single Cut Custom Blue


Strat AM Elite MN Tobacco Sunburst w Case


Strat AM Pro MN Olympic White With Case


Strat AM Professional LTD MN VWT GOLD w case




Strat Amer Professional RW Antique Olive W case


Strat American Original 50's Strat MN AZG

$1,899.00 $2,429.00

Strat American Pro RW 3TS w case

$1,449.00 $1,899.00

Strat American Pro MN SNG


Strat American Professional Black RW Neck W Case

$1,399.99 $1,949.00

Strat Rarities Collection Flame Maple Top Golden Brown


T5z Pro Ltd Grapevine Quilted Maple Top Hard Case


Tele AM Pro MN NAT w case


Tele Am Spec RW LPB w bag


Tele American Elite Thinline MN NAT v


Tele American Professional 2TS MN


Telecaster American Elite MN ACB


Top T natural Redburst w biding w case