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Third Rock Music Center


Mesa Boogie 1x12 Compact Extension Cabinet in Very Good Condition


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  • 90 Watt
  • 12in Black Shadow Made by Celestion Speaker
  • 8 Ohm
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1x12 Compact Open Back

The Boogie® Compact series of cabinets dates back to the early 1970s when the company fulfilled player requests for extension cabinets matching their Mark I™ 1x12 combos. The compact size was determined by the combo’s dimensions and as the Mark Series evolved and expanded, so did the extensions. The Thiele and WideBody™ 1x12 Cabinets maintain the classic Boogie styling and celebrated tones while the newer WideBody Closed-Back represents a culmination of over 45 years of cabinet design and signature Boogie tone. All three designs continue to be some of our best selling, player favorites. They pay homage to our original roots as not only the original boutique amp builder, but also the first to exceed player expectations by packing high quality performance into small, portable packages. These are “wolves in sheep’s clothes”!

Performance Features:

  • 90 Watt
  • 12in Speaker
  • 8 Ohm

Finish & Construction:

  • Marine Grade Baltic Birch Cabinet
  • Black Taurus Vinyl Covering
  • Black Twisted Jute Grille
  • Slip Cover


15-3/4in H

18-3/4in W

11in D

40.01cm H

47.63cm W

27.94cm D


31 lbs

14.06 kg