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Cure Combo 6320 1002490


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (513) 843-5739 to order.


“A page ripped from our award-winning Z-LUX design, the CURE is your affordable, portable solution for big, classic American-style tone.” – Dr. Z


Power Output 15 Watts
Output Tubes 2 – 6V6 (cathode biased)
Preamp Tubes 2 – 12AX7, 1 – 12AT7
Rectifier 1 – 5AR4
Controls Volume, Master, Treble, Middle, Bass, Level
Configurations 1×12 Studio Combo (w/ special design Eminence Z12 speaker)
Other Foot-switchable Variable EQ Bypass Boost – (Footswitch included)
Effects Loop
External Speaker Out
Dimensions and Weight 1×12 Studio Combo: 19 ¼” W, 19 ½” H, 10 ½ ” D; 33 lbs.
Owner’s Manual Download

General Information

The CURE is an amp that takes Dr. Z Amps back to its roots. Built on our 30 year foundation of delivering excellent, professional-grade amplifiers, it is designed using the highest grade components, totally hand-built, and available at a very reasonable price.

The CURE uses our award-winning Z-LUX as it’s starting point, but simplifies this formula by forgoing reverb and tremolo, yet retains the rich 6V6 “American” voiced tone the Z-LUX is renowned for. At the heart and soul of the CURE is a vintage-voiced output transformer hand-wound by Triad Magnetics, the company responsible for the transformers in the classic “tweed” amps of the 1950s. Saturating the amp into smooth distortion, the CURE is reminiscent of our THERAPY amplifier but in combo form. The CURE also features an effects loop, a full EQ with master volume, as well as a global output level control. It is housed in our compact, light-weight, yet resonant 1×12 “Studio” cab with our specially designed Eminence Z12 speaker(as featured in the Z-LUX combo) for maximum portability. Set your volume and master for desired clean or distortion then set the overall loudness with the Level control. I have also included our Variable Boost footswitch for additional gain to take your lead playing over the top.

A great “grab-n-go” package that will please even the most discerning tone aficionado, the CURE is as easy on the wallet as it is on your ears.

Magazine Reviews


The CURE received an Editors’ Pick from Guitar Player Magazine. Click here to read the stellar review.



“The Cure is the perfect grab and go amp. From the bedroom to the studio to the stage it gets the job done. It may be small but just like Bruce Lee it packs a mean punch!”

Randy F.

“The Cure is the one amp every guitar player needs! Sweet tube tone in a grab and go amp, play anywhere at your own volume. History in the making!”

RhythmarkZ-Talk Forum Member

“For me it’s the versatility. There hasn’t been much mention of the fact that the Cure go from Blackface and Tweed to scorching high gain with ease. I’ve owned a Monza in the past and the Cure smokes it in the high gain game. The cleans shimmer like a Blackface. The mid-gain is amazing for early ZZ Top/70s rock and roll, and the high gain is really heavy yet articulate – and you get it at bedroom volume via the level control. I use my Van Amps Soulmate Reverb in front of the amp set clean and get bell like chime all day long. Then dime the volume and master, kick the foot switch, grab a Lester and I’m in heavy rock territory, just shy of you-know-what. And it sounds killer. A great amp, period.”

ttepperZ-Talk Forum Member

“Somehow the folks at Dr Z managed to make one of their most useful amps also the lightest and most affordable. The new dual 6V6 Cure has a full featured EQ, effects loop, variable tone stack bypass ‘boost’ foot switch, Dr Z’s Eminence built 12 inch “Z Speaker” and the ultra solid Dr Z build quality he’s famous for. All of this plus the innovative “Level” control that actually delivers on the promise of “Bandstand to Bedroom” volumes. It’s a truly great sounding guitar amp.”

Eric Ambel
“There is magic in the Level control. You can get great tone AND at reasonable levels – two things that were contradictory before the arrival of the Cure.”
Jonathan M.

“I have owned tweed, brown, blackface and silverface Deluxes and this amp takes the best qualities of each while eliminating the bad. Great size, incredibly usable EQ, the perfect speaker paring, great boost and great level control make it work in any situation with any guitar.”

Adam M.

“The Level control will be you new best friend.”

Mike G.