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GK Legacy 115 Bass Amplifier


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (513) 843-5739 to order.

Gallien-Krueger Legacy 115 Bass Combo Amp Features:

  • 800-watt Class D switch-mode power amp
  • 15" neodymium speaker, designed and manufactured by GK
  • Legacy preamp with overdrive
  • GK's classic 4-band active EQ
  • Foot-switchable Overdrive with Tone control
  • Overdrive circuit with Drive, Level, and Edge controls
  • Bump, Contour, and Presence voicing filters
  • Balanced XLR output with pre and post EQ
  • Unbalanced ¼" FX loop send and return
  • Aux input and Headphones output
  • Universal 110/220V power supply

Next-Generation GK Bass Tone in a 115 Combo

The Gallien-Krueger Legacy 115 is a compact, lightweight bass combo amp with a state-of-the-art 800-watt Class D switch-mode power amp and GK’s Legacy preamp with overdrive. The Legacy Series represents a half century of industry-leading innovation at Gallien-Krueger. With its signature growl, clarity, power, and features that were ahead of its time, the 800RB, launched in 1980, established Gallien-Krueger as an industry leader in solid-state bass amplification. GK's Legacy Series combos conjure the same no-nonsense aesthetic while delivering cutting-edge sound and features for today's bassists. From clear, biting cleans to fat, punchy overdrive, the Legacy Series can do it all. Featuring impressive tone, power, professional features, and portability, the Legacy 115 is gig-ready for studio sessions and live venues of any size.

Quickly nail the tone you need for any gig

Legions of bass players  trust Gallien-Krueger to deliver the tone, gig after gig. That's why GK designed its Legacy Series bass amps with a flexible, smart feature set to help you ace any live show or recording session. At the heart of the beast is the Legacy preamp — the definitive evolution of one of the most acclaimed bass preamps ever made. Sculpt your tone to perfection with Gallien-Krueger's classic 4-band EQ. Quickly audition versatile voicing filters — Bump, Contour, and Presence — to zero in fast on the perfect sound for any music genre. Kick in saturation with onboard Overdrive and dial in Edge tone-shaping to taste. Whether you're playing country, rock, or metal, the GK Legacy 115 fits the bill.

All the right connections

On the Legacy 115’s rear panel, use the effects loop send and return to connect your favorite compressor or other outboard gear. Landed an arena gig? Use the balanced DI output to send a post-EQ signal to the PA. In the studio, switch the DI to pre-EQ and connect directly to the recording console. From coffeehouse gigs to stadiums, the Gallien-Krueger Legacy 115 has you covered with its external speaker SpeakON connector and 4/8 ohm impedance switching. Practicing quietly at home? The GK Legacy 115 also features Aux input and Headphone jacks. Legacy Series bass amps deliver the features modern bassists want along with the iconic tone that has set GK apart for decades.

Gig-ready and tour-tough

To improve performance and reliability, GK's Legacy Series uses an innovative interconnection system that eliminates issues which can develop over time due to the frequent vibration and temperature extremes that gear is subjected to with demanding professional use. Using gold-plated connections instead of standard cables with tin connectors, multilayer Legacy Series circuit boards provide a purer circuit path for your music and built-in shielding for sensitive circuits. Rugged, attractive Legacy Combo cabinets feature neodymium speakers that are custom designed and manufactured in GK's California factory. Gallien-Krueger’s modern design and manufacturing processes give you enhanced reliability for years of heavy, trouble-free touring.