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Yamaha LP1B Triple Pedal for Yamaha P121

3-pedal Unit for Your Yamaha P-121, P-125, and P-515 Pianos
The Yamaha LP1 3-pedal unit is specifically made for your P-121, P-125, and P-515 digital pianos and is a perfect complement to the L125 furniture-style stand. The LP1 attaches to the L125 stand (required), giving you true piano-like pedaling with the traditional soft-sostenuto-sustain pedal arrangement and half-damper functionality. It also puts the pedals in the proper ergonomic position, letting you transition to an acoustic piano seamlessly. Complete your Yamaha digital piano with the L125 stand and the LP1 3-pedal unit.


Tech Specs

  • Type:3-pedal Unit
  • Manufacturer Part Number:LP1B