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Earthquaker Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar Pedal

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  • Fuzz/sustain effects pedal based on the Elk BM Sustainar pedal favored by Wata from Boris
  • Volume control offers plenty of output level; unity gain is around 9 o'clock
  • Sustain control covers a wide saturation range, with excellent clarity and dynamic response throughout
  • Tone control emphasizes bass as you turn it counterclockwise, emphasizes treble clockwise
  • All-analog signal path with silent relay true bypass switching
For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739
The Hizumitas was designed for the one and only guitar sorceress, Wata, from the legendary band, Boris! We could not be more excited to have the honor of working with such an iconic legend known for her crushing riffs and mind-melting leads. The Hizumitas is a faithful sonic recreation of her go-to distortion which has been a staple of her tone for many years: the Elk BM Sustainar.

The Hizumitas has loads of heavy distortion and smooth sustain with an underlying grit to it that sounds like the speakers are on the verge of ripping apart, all while still delivering amazing clarity that you wouldn’t expect from something this aggressive sounding. The Sustain control has a wide range of saturation, even small changes will have a great effect on the overall tone. The Hizumitas has excellent response to different pickup types and playing dynamics. Power chords sound huge and heavy, open chords are dynamic with fantastic note separation, and single-note leads are smooth and powerful, especially when using the neck pickup.

The Tone control is atypical for this type of distortion and can drastically change the distortion’s character in conjunction with the Sustain setting. Bass frequencies are boosted clockwise while treble frequencies are boosted when turned counterclockwise. The treble side can go from piercing highs to an aggressive mid-range grind. As the Tone is turned clockwise, the mids become less present, highs are tamed, and a massive, thundering low-end comes to the forefront.

As you might expect, there is plenty of output gain on tap, so be careful. Unity is around 9-10 o’clock and everything above that is set to destroy.