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Gator GTR-PWR-12 Power 12 Pedalboard Power Supply

Versatile Power Solution for Any Combination of Pedals

With 12 isolated power outputs, the Gator GTR-PWR-12 is a smart solution for providing reliable, low-noise power to your effects pedalboard. Two outlets offer a Sag control to adjust the voltage between 4V and 9V, perfect for starving fuzz pedals for grittier tonality. You'll also find three more 9V/12V DC outputs, two 18V outputs, four 9V outputs, a USB-C power output (5V, 2 amps), and even an AC power outlet on the rear panel — a comprehensive offering for any combination of analog and digital effects pedals. Its rugged metal enclosure is vented for superior heat dissipation, and integrated mounting slots allow for direct mounting to your pedalboard. If you're running a large-sized pedalboard and searching for a better power solution this is your choice!

ech Specs

  • Type:Pedalboard Power Supply
  • Inputs:120V AC Standard IEC cable
  • Outputs:2 x 9V 500mA, 2 x 9V 300mA, 2 x 4-9V, 3 x 9V/12V DC 120mA, 2 x 18V DC 120mA, 120V AC Thru, 1 x USB-C
  • Maximum Output Current:2.3A
  • Height:2"
  • Width:9.88"
  • Depth:4.5"
  • Weight:3.8 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:GTR-PWR-12