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Mythos Positron Fuzz Pedal

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Mythos Pedals Positron Collider Fuzz

This Ghostbusters-inspired fuzz pedal is based around the classic “Ram’s Head” fuzz, yet goes further than your typical old Electro Harmonix circuit. Rather than just a single solitary Tone control knob you get both a dedicated Treble and Bass tone circuit. These two EQ controls interact with each other and are supposed to let you to dial in tones to complement your guitar set-up.

Clipping away

The Positron Collider Fuzz also has a dedicated Clipping switch, letting you choose between the classic silicon diode clipping circuit (just like the original Muff) or one based around using an LED instead. The latter clipping circuit will give you a much higher output, so be careful with the gain when using this setting!

Next up is a footswitch labelled Total Protonic Reversal (very Ghostbuster-ish). This engages ‘lift’ in the tone stack for a huge boost in volume. It also bypasses the EQ section and complements the fuzz side of the pedal’s tone by shifting to a preset tone stack.

Mythos Pedals Positron Collider Fuzz instructions

Bustin’ makes me feel good

Mythos Pedals enlisted the help of designer Lawrence Petross to create and refine the pedal’s interactive Intensity LED and the way it interacts with the amount of gain. An ‘Active’ LED flashes when the pedal is engaged. Visually this pedal is a lot of retro ’80s fun and its designers have obviously put some thought into the aesthetics.

Of course, the proof is in the tone, so check out the official demo video below to get a feel of how it sounds. If you fancy getting one, then be prepared for a short wait, as there is a three-week shipping time on each unit.