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1975 Fender Vibrolux Reverb Vintage Guitar Amplifier


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1975 Silverface 
Sounds Amazing!
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A lower-powered little brother to the Pro and Super models, Fender's 35-watt Vibrolux Reverb is prized for the early breakup of its 6L6 power section and the tight, responsive tone from its 10 inch speakers. Featuring Bass and Treble controls plus a Bright switch for tone shaping on both channels, with lush spring reverb and tube-driven tremolo accessible on the Vibrato inputs. The Silverface models were produced from 1968 to 1972 and were engineered to provide a little more clean headroom than the Blackface models, but are tonally very similar and tend to trade at a lower price point.

This is a clean example of an iconic amp from Fender, we unfortunatly do not have the footswitch however any two button footswitch with rca inputs will work.