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Digitech Vocalist VR


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  • 2 - 5 part harmonies
  • Chordal harmonies follow the chord progression from your keyboard
  • Scalic harmonies follow your voice, producing harmonies based on the selected scale, the selected interval, and the position of the scale that you are singing
  • Select the key, scale type, or chord from the front panel or from incoming MIDI notes
  • 9 great Reverbs. 50 presets
  • Full MIDI implenetation
  • MIDI split point allowing you to select the range of MIDI notes that the R will pay attention to
  • Scale Smooth feature lets you choose the way the VR changes harmonies
  • Set individual levels for the harmony voices, the reverb and the dry vocal
  • Connectors: XLR Mic input; 1/4" TS line input; 1/4" TS Aux input; 1/4" TS line out (stereo or mono)
  • 1 rack space
For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739

The Sound Of REAL Harmonies!

The Vocalist VR, an exiting, low-cost vocal harmonizer that can maintain the characteristics of the human voice with truly striking results. Great for every application from your demo to final recorded product to live performance, the Vocalist VR can easily produce up to 5-part harmony, letting you remove or add voices with the touch of a button. The different options are equally impressive: Chordal or Scalic harmonies, key and scale selection, and you can even determine whether the harmonies are above, below or in unison with your own voice. The best thing about the Vocalist VR (besides its low price) is that your vocals don't sound processed. They sound full, natural and realistic.