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Discomfort Designs Spectrum Overdrive (1981 DRV clone) Pedal in good condition

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Hand Wired 

Heavy Duty Enclosure

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The Spectrum is a hand-wired mid-gain overdrive box, in the family of hard-clipping distortions. What makes it special? Versatility and range. Clarity and dynamics. One feature that makes it shine is an internal charge pump, taking a standard 9V power supply and doubling the voltage. The awesome result is a spacious headroom that gives life and energy to low and mid gain settings. The inspirational range of the Distortion control works hand-in-hand with the Cut control, which is a wide-sweeping low pass filter. The Spectrum has a unique claim to have musical and usable settings at every point on each of its controls.

Discomfort Designs Spectrum Overdrive close up

The Spectrum Overdrive is hand wired, with high quality parts, in a heavy-duty 1590 BB enclosure with a classy red 5mm LED indicator. UV printed graphics and a creamy powder coated finish add to the luster and shine of this excellent machine, and it doesn’t sound half bad, either. If you’re curious about how this fella sounds, be sure to check out our demo below (and subscribe, already!). We really dig the retro look and tone from the Spectrum Overdrive – well done, Discomfort Designs!