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Third Rock Music Center

JHS Red Remote Footswitch in Excellent Condition


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JHS Red Remote Footswitch Features:

  • Remote footswitch for compatible JHS pedals
  • Works with Morning Glory V4, Super Bolt V4, and Twin Twelve V4
  • Remotely access the pedals' onboard toggles
  • Durable construction
  • Works with a standard 1/4" instrument cable
For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739

JHS Red Remote control button foot switch from Third Rock Music Center allows you to Unlock the Full Power of Your JHS Pedals

The JHS Red Remote footswitch is an incredibly powerful tool for unlocking the full, hands-free potential of many of your favorite JHS effects pedals. Using a standard 1/4" instrument patch cable, just plug the Red Remote into the corresponding input jack on your Morning Glory, Super Bolt, or Twin Twelve pedal to activate each pedals' onboard toggle switch with your foot. One of the most attractive features of the Red Remote is its compact size, allowing you to fit it on virtually any pedalboard setup.


The Red Remote delivers hands-free operation of your pedal's features.

Tech Specs

  • Number of Footswitch Buttons:1
  • Manufacturer Part Number:RED