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Mission Engineering EP1-L6 Helix Foot Controller Pedal in Very Good Condition

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Mission Engineering's SP1-L6H expression pedal is purpose-built for Line 6's Helix Rack guitar amp/FX modeler. The SP1-L6H gives you smooth, expressive control over the Helix Rack, perfect for wah and rotary speaker effects. It has a toe switch to engage/disengage your effect of choice for ease of use. Just connect the output of the SP1-L6H to your Helix Rack and assign the switches to the effects you want to toggle. 

Mission Engineering SP1-L6H Expression Pedal Has:

  • Expression pedal for Line 6 Helix Rack (only)
  • Toe switch for effect on/off
  • Offers variable control over a multitude of effects
  • Perfect for using Helix Rack live, making effects switching easier
  • Pedal range is optimized for Line 6 Helix Rack's expression pedal input
  • Rugged construction