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Mythos Erlking ODR Overdrive Pedal in Excellent Condition


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  • Clear headroom for pushing your amp
  • Versatile Bass and Treble controls
  • Dynamic clipping that responses to your playing
  • Works well with any amp or pickup style
  • Quality through hole components
  • True Bypass switching
For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739
Product Description
Everyone needs a jack-of-all-trades overdrive. They're particularly handy if you only want to take your guitar with a small pedalboard to gigs/sessions and plug into whatever's there. The Erlking's selection of treble, bass, volume & gain controls make it incredibly easy for you to dial in a great sound and do just that.  And it works great with any amp or pickup style in pretty much any genre, it's the overdrive equivalent of a swiss army knife. Just like the pedal it was based on, it works perfectly for anything from clean-boosted country and blues, to super overdriven hard rock.

Based on the Nobels ODR-1, it's smooth gain, raised headroom and dynamic clipping that responds to your playing make it perfect for those natural, slightly crunchy, pushed valve amp tones.

Nashville Craftsmanship

The Erlking is definitely the king when it comes to build quality and reliability. Mythos use only top quality through hole components when crafting every pedal by hand in their Nashville workshop, meaning their pedals will not let you down when you need them. And on the chance something does go wrong, Mythos' founder Zach Broyles repairs every pedal himself with exactly the same attention to detail as during assembly.

Here's what Mythos say about the Erlking:

The latest Mythos Pedals overdrive. Based on the Nobels ODR-1 this four knob unit raises the headroom, smooths the gain, and adds a much needed Bass control. With Volume, Gain, Bass, and Treble control you can dial in a huge variety of sounds from clean boost to roaring overdrive that can compliment any rig. Clear and dynamic that can handle any genre.