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Presonus Eris E5 XT Powered Recording Monitors with Stands in Very Good Condition


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PreSonus Eris E5 XT Studio Monitor Features:

  • 5" woven composite low-frequency transducer offers deep lows
  • 1" silk-dome high-frequency driver boasts smooth highs
  • State-of-the-art front-ported enclosure produces tight bass frequencies
  • Innovative 100° x 60° EBM waveguide yields a wide sweet spot and solid imaging
  • Acoustic tuning controls for tailoring the monitor to your room
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs ensure easy connectivity with the rest of your gear
  • 80-watt, Class AB bi-amplification exhibits 102dB of maximum continuous output
  • Solid protection against RF interference, extreme output current, excessive heat, and more
For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739

This listing includes two Koenig Meyer Monitor  26772  Stands and Monitor Slip Covers 

A Serious Tabletop Studio Monitor Stand(s) ($ 75.00 each new) 


Need an attractive, versatile table stand for your studio monitors? The K&M 26772 Medium Tabletop Studio Monitor Stand is height-adjustable between 6.58 and 10 inches. Its base and tray each have four rubber pads for stability and vibration abatement. And with its 5.91" x 6.69" bearing plate (tray) and maximum load capacity of 33.1 lbs., the K&M 26772 is designed to support serious monitors.

A Top-notch Studio Monitor with Impressive Features

The PreSonus Eris E5 XT offers deep lows, smooth highs, and impressive imaging thanks to first-rate drivers that work in tandem with an innovative EBM waveguide and state-of-the-art front-ported enclosure. Tailor this studio monitor to your room using a generous array of acoustic tuning controls, and easily connect to the rest of your gear with a full complement of balanced and unbalanced inputs. Benefit from 102dB of maximum continuous output via 80-watt, Class AB bi-amplification. You also get solid protection against RF interference, extreme output current, excessive heat, and more. The PreSonus Eris E5 XT — a top-notch studio monitor that’s friendly to your wallet.

Revolutionary EBM waveguide

The Eris E5 XT delivers crystal-clear sound thanks to its first-rate drivers. A 5-inch woven composite low-frequency transducer works jointly with a front-ported enclosure to produce ultratight lows and a constant dispersion pattern to minimize time smearing. A 1-inch silk-dome high-frequency driver boasts accurate transient reproduction and, thanks to Presonus’s revolutionary EBM waveguide, a super wide sweet spot. What’s more, the EBM waveguide’s narrow vertical dispersion decreases reflections from your desk, supplying you with clean sound and a rock-solid stereo image. 

Customizable sound reproduction for any room

Tailoring the PreSonus Eris E5 XT to your room is a piece of cake by virtue of its plentiful acoustic tuning controls. A gain knob enables you to set the monitor’s output greater or less than unity gain. Mid-frequency and high-frequency trim controls make compensating for your room’s deficiencies easy. You also get a low-cut highpass filter for subwoofer integration and an acoustic space control for taming the boundary issues that will inevitably arise if you place the Eris E5 XT in a corner or near a wall.

Tech Specs

  • Powered:Yes
  • Power Configuration:Bi-amped
  • LF Driver Size:5" Woofer
  • LF Driver Type:Woven Composite
  • HF Driver Size:1" Tweeter
  • HF Driver Type:Silk dome
  • LF Driver Power Amp:80W
  • Total Power:80W Class AB
  • Frequency Response:53Hz-22kHz
  • Crossover Frequency:3000Hz
  • Maximum Peak SPL:102 dB SPL
  • Input Types:1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" TRS, 1 x RCA
  • Enclosure Type:Front Ported
  • Enclosure Material:MDF with vinyl laminate
  • Height:10.24"
  • Width:7"
  • Depth:7.68"
  • Weight:10.2 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:E5 XT