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Radial SGI Studio Guitar Interface Receiver Module Only in Excellent Condition


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This Listing is for a Receiver Unit Only 

The Radial Engineering Studio Guitar Interface is a small but innovative pair of connectors that allow you to play your instrument up to 300 feet away from your amplifier, without signal drop-off and without cable hum. This is a great advantage both when playing live, where long cable runs can pick up electrical and RF interference, and in the studio, where you can now have your amp in a distant isolation room, while you play from the control room, receiving the signal in real time for monitoring. The SGI is painted bright yellow, for ease of cabling in enclosed spaces.

Simply plug your guitar into the transmitter unit, run an XLR cable to your amp's location, and plug in the receiving unit. The Drag control corrects the signal load, eliminating the effect on your tone of extended cable runs. A Ground Lift switch removes any interference hum the cable may pick up along the way.

Built to last from 14-gauge steel and heavy-duty hardware, the SGI lets you use modern recording and performance technology without their attendant pitfalls.

Record From the Control Room

The SGI keeps your signal strong, clear and true to your original tone, over cable runs of up to 300 feet.

Drag Feature

Long cable runs alter the circuit load between your guitar and the amplifier. The Drag control corrects this discrepancy, restoring your intended tone.

Ground Lift

Long cable runs can pick up RF and electrical interference. The Ground Lift switch removes the hum, leaving only your music.