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Used Alesis Quadraverb Multi Effects Processor


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Specifications & Features

Frequency Response: 16Hz – 20KHz
Display: 32 character LCD
Stereo In and Out
4 Effects simultaneously
Touch Sensitive, Multi-speed programming buttons w/ LED indicators
Stores up to 100 programs
Full Midi Implementation
All functions, parameters and volume levels are fully programmable
Flexible Effects Routing and Mixing
Release Date: 1989

For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739

Alesis Quadraverb Overview

The Alesis Quadraverb is a programmable stereo effects box processor utilizing four digital effects, originally released in 1989. This rack mount unit is arguably better for electric instruments like guitar, being a product of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

This effects unit and many effects units like it can be heard all over rock, metal and alternative rock records from the 90’s. It really gives electric guitars that 90’s sound. For the people familiar with the sound, it will become recognizable almost instantly when you hear it.

This rack was used as reverb on lots of classic hip-hop and boom bap records from the early 90’s. It was a definite go-to for reverb for a lot of hip-hop producers using machines like the SP 1200 and the Akai S950. Ask anyone who knows and they will look at you funny if you mention the SP 1200 + S950 + Quadraverb when talking about drums. Part of one of the formulas for snares that knock.

Alesis reverb effects processors can also be heard a lot on 90’s trance and dancehall music as well. For the vintage factor alone, the uses to this day are fairly obvious for those who are after a certain sound. A vintage unit will never be out of play… As long as people value the sounds from the past these machines will always hold some value.

Many love the Alesis Quadraverb for the countless options and tweaks that you can play with due to the programming. Like many of its counterparts of the time, this rack mount box will take on full MIDI capabilities widening the range of use from studio to stage. As far as vocal effects go, there are a lot better options to go with for mixing plugins and applications.