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Vox Wesminster Head with Royal Guardian Cabinet (Mid 1960's)


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Vox Wesminster Head with Royal Guardian Cabinet (Mid 1960's) from Third Rock Music Center 

Vintage Vox Westminster Model V118 Solid State Amp Head and Royal Guardsman Cabinet

This is a listing for a vintage Vox Westminster V118 Amp Head.

Unsure of exact year, 

Made in California by Thomas Organ Company.

In 1965, Thomas Organ was importing  from JMI in the UK and renaming them the "Westminster Bass." The UK model was dropped in 1966, replaced with a US produced, Thomas designed solid state model also named the Westminster. 

The earliest version of the Westminster were the V118 and V1181 models. The V118 and V1181 had 60 watts of power (120 watts peak), a slight uptick from the 50 watt rating of the AC-50 heads that powered the UK produced model. Within a year the 60 watt models were replaced by theV1182 Westminster head that featured 120 watt RMS (240 Peak) output stage.

The V118, V1181 and V1182 heads powered either a V418 or a V4182 Westminster bass enclosure that included an 18" Cerwin-Vega speaker.

The Westminster head had two channels. The Normal channel had volume, bass and treble conrtols plus a Top Boost switch. It was useful for guitar as well as bass. The Bass channel included only two controls, Volume and "Tone-X."