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MIC Microphones

Sound Reinforcement > MIC Microphones
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P170 Recording Microphone


P420 Recording Microphone


Piano Pickup Planer Wave 4000-BRB-U with Preamp


Rode NTG2 Shotgun Microphones


SM7B Condenser Mic


55SH Vintage Style Elvis Microphone


AT2010 Handheld Condenser Microphon


Beta 58 Cardiod Hand Held Microphone


Beta 87A Condenser Microphone


Beta52A Low Frequency microphone


D84 Guitar Cabinet Mic Condenser


D90 Premium Super Cardiod Hand Held Mic


GXL2200SP Studio Mic Package


RT66 Microphone with Boom Stand


RT66XS Microphone with Switch and Cable


SM57 Unidirectional Microphone


SM58 Dynamic Handheld Miscrophone


SM58S Unidirectional Microphone w Switch


U37 USB Recording Microphone