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Mix 2:1 Mixer


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Product Highlights

  • Sums 2 Signals to 1 Output
  • Input Trims on Channel 1 & 2
  • Mute/Engage Switches on Channel 1 & 2
  • Input-Trim Bypass Button
  • XLR & TRS Inputs
  • Single XLR Output
  • Ground Lift & Polarity Switches
  • Military-Spec Circuit Board
  • Durable 14-Gauge Steel Chassis
  • Passive Operation


The Radial Engineering Mix 2:1 is a passive mixer that sums two audio signals to a single mono output. It provides individual input knobs to balance the two signals, should one be louder than the other, as well as a polarity switch on input 2, should one of the signals be out of phase. The unit accepts balanced 1/4" and XLR inputs, outputting to a single XLR output.


Each input can be switched on or off. This allows you to audition either signal before you make the choice to sum them together. Both level controls can be bypassed at any time thanks to a switch on the front panel. Should you hear any hum or buzz caused by ground loops, a ground lift switch has been provided to mitigate the issue. The Mix 2:1 is entirely passive, requiring no power to run, and features a military-grade PCB board protected against RF interference, as well as a durable 14-gauge steel chassis. 

Key Features at a Glance
  • Input Trim knobs for setting the amount of attenuation for each input
  • Level Bypass switch defeats trim knobs, combining the audio together equally
  • Dedicated buttons for activating/muting each input
  • Polarity button for flipping phase 180° on input 2; this can be useful when summing two out-of-phase signals
  • TRS or XLR inputs further the versatility of the unit
  • Single, mono XLR output provides balanced signal to feed a powered speaker, mixing console, or recording interface
  • Ground lift switch to eliminate the buzz and hum usually caused by ground loops
  • No slip pad for electrical and mechanical isolation, as well as stability
  • Durable powder coat protects the finish of the unit for years
  • 14-gauge steel construction for reliability and protection
  • Military-spec circuit with full ground plane to reduce RF interference
  • Robust switches with metal casing rated at over 20,000 cycles