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Third Rock Music Center


Hot Tamale (4 hole) Medium Triangle Red

This has become my favorite guitar pick overnight!


This pick is just incredible!  Tone, feel and looks.  That is what the Hot Tamale by V-PICKS is all about.  It is one tasty treat that you will be glad you added to your plate.

It starts out as the Large Pointed.  We spice it up a bit and then put back into the oven for the grip holes.  This is just about the strongest tactile experience you will ever have with a pick.

The sound is BIG.  Strong mids.  Lots of bass and a smooth, singing high end that is not overpowering.  Very distinct and intentional attack.  This pick will make you stand out in the mix very well.

Note: As of 12/20/18 this pick model has been changed in response to customer’s request.  It is 10% smaller than it used to be.  Now, it is exactly the same size as the Medium Pointed V-PICK guitar pick.

Great for just about all genres of music.

Also a fantastic mandolin pick.  I have had many old timers come to our NAMM booth and say they LOVE the Large Pointed V-PICKS on their mandolins.  One old guy said “I only play Hawksbill Tortoise Shell picks.  But this one is the stuff!”  and he held up a V-PICK for all to see.

Same fast, gliding action as all the other V-PICKS.  And the same BUILT-IN NON-SLIP Technology, but this one also adds the grip holes.

It seems to me, the more you play this pick, the better it plays and sounds after it gets broken in to your style and feel.  It is like it tailors itself to you.

NOTE:  This pick starts out it’s life as the Medium Pointed.  So if you see that name on it and the holes, you have the right pick.