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BT-200 DUO Foot Pedal


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AirTurn DUO 200 Bluetooth Wireless Controller Features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth remote control for Bluetooth 4–equipped iOS, Android, PCs, Macs, and iPads
  • Silent design keeps attention on your performance
  • 2 ATFS-2 pedals give you flexibility and control of your Bluetooth 4–equipped iOS devices and Android devices
  • Controls MIDI apps, allowing you to assign your keyboard and MIDI commands with the AirTurn Manager
  • Control the camera on your phone or tablet for great pictures
  • Interfaces with many different media applications, including iTunes, for great control
  • Internal rechargeable battery holds charge for 150 hours
  • Will not work with iPads 1 and 2

Versatile Remote Transmitter for Bluetooth Devices

The AirTurn DUO 200 transmitter is a versatile unit that is perfect for controlling your presentations, performances, and much more. AirTurn's DUO 200 wireless controller has two ATFS-2 pedals that give you flexibility and control of your Bluetooth 4–equipped iOS device, Android device, PC, or Mac to scroll through the parameters of your chosen apps, including digital sheet music, lyrics, effects, and backing tracks. This versatile device even lets you control your camera on your phone or tablet. The DUO 200 also controls MIDI apps, allowing you to assign your keyboard and MIDI commands with the AirTurn Manager app. The six silent membrane buttons and pedals let you remotely turn pages, play tracks, shoot photos, and much more. The DUO 200 is perfect for presenters, musicians, speakers, or anyone needing remote control over their computer or mobile device for any number of presentation-based applications. The DUO 200 has won over many fans here at Sweetwater for its ease of use and incredible versatility.

Control your PC or iOS system wirelessly over Bluetooth

The days of constantly looking at your note cards, lyrics, or outline during a presentation or performance are over. With the AirTurn DUO 200 you can ditch the index cards, face your audience, and control your whole presentation wirelessly over Bluetooth. The DUO 200 is especially great if you're moving around your stage, or if you're not near a hard-wired controller. Maybe you don't have a presentation coming up, and you just want wireless control of your music, camera, and more on your iOS device — the DUO 200 has you covered.

Handheld or hands-free!

With the DUO 200, you get silent performance with AirTurn's mechanism-free footswitch design. And the six membrane buttons on the DUO remote make up your handheld control surface for commanding your electronics. Get everything that's great about AirTurn's DUO 200 remote with the ability to connect to the footswitch dock and do it hands-free from the floor. No more shuffling papers! No more flipping through note cards or fumbling with a mouse!

Compatible with many different applications

The DUO 200 is far from a one-trick pony. It effortlessly interfaces and works with nearly 100 applications for Bluetooth 4–equipped iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and Mac and PC computers. You'll get wireless control of page turners, teleprompters, music playlists on iTunes, camera functions, and so much more. Have a digital sheet music app you need a page turner for? Now you've got it. Want a remote control for streaming music on your smartphone at home? It's all right there on the DUO 200.