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Egnator Tweaker Amp Head


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (513) 843-5739 to order.
  • Master volume, gain, and 3-band EQ controls
  • Modern/vintage voicing switch
  • American, AC, and British high-gain voicing switch reconfigures the Tweaker's tubes to provide a wide range of amp sounds
  • Buffered effects loop lets you add your favorite stompboxes and rack effects into the mix
  • Hot/clean gain switch
  • Tight/deep switch lets you roll off lows for cleaner overdrive tones
  • Bright/normal switch lets you add brilliance and sparkle to your top end
  • Switchable power supply lets you take your Tweaker anywhere in the world

A World of Tone in a Single Amp

Why settle for just one amp sound when you can get a whole range of tube tones from a single Egnater Tweaker guitar amplifier? No modeling or digital voodoo here, just pure tube tone made by putting the right tubes together in the right way. Whether you're looking for a sparkling clean American amp sound or the bite and growl of a British high-gain model, the Tweaker delivers! With just the flip of a toggle or two, the 15-watt Tweaker actually reconfigures itself to match the kind of amp tone you need.


Select from either a vintage or a modern voicing to get the perfect gain structure for your axe. The Tweaker also has a bright setting for that vintage U.K. top-boost tone - perfect for classic Fab Four-era rock! You'll also appreciate the Tweaker's tight voicing switch, which lets you cut out some lows for a purer overdrive tone - just what you need for soaring solos. And as if it wasn't impressive enough already, the Tweaker also gives you a 3-band EQ and a buffered effects loop for extra tweakability. If you run a studio, record, or just need an amp that does it all, then you're going to love the Egnater Tweaker.

Tech Specs

  • Type:Tube
  • Number of Channels:1
  • Total Power:15W
  • Preamp Tubes:3 x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes:2 x 6V6
  • EQ:3-band with 5 Tweaker Switches
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs:2 x 1/4" (Speaker)
  • Effects Loop:Yes
  • Height:7.5"
  • Width:14"
  • Depth:8"
  • Weight:16 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:TWEAKER HEAD