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Erso Amplification "Steel String Singer" Head in Excellent Condition


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Qad 6L6s at 100W.
Black Alcantara Finish
comes with a luscious spring reverb
For questions or help ordering, call: (513) 843-5739

Steel String Singer  Ser# 5 in Black Alcantara 

The ultimate of clean amplifiers. The Steel String Singer delivers that tonal foundation and unmatched touch-sensitivity sought after by guitar legends. It is bold and captivating in a way that is unique to itself and no other amplifiers out there.


The Steel String Singer is set up for quad 6L6s at 100W.


Like the tubes, transformers present a range of options which will be discussed upon ordering (fluctuations in prices may occur depending on brand selection).


The Steel String Singer also comes with a luscious spring reverb

Erso Amplification is dedicated to building guitar amplifiers with maximized sonic range and touch-sensitivity. Our mission is give guitarists an amplifier that they feel fully understands who they are as a player and acts as the ultimate medium of delivery for their voice.