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Third Rock Music Center

Used JHS Sweet Tea Pedal 2 Channel Overdrive Pedal


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Combines Screaming Drive and British High-gain

Fusing JHS's Moonshine V2 and Angry Charlie V3 into a single stompbox, the Sweet Tea V3 does it all — from screaming tube-like overdrive to British high-gain distortion. The Moonshine takes classic mid-heavy drive into new territory with enhanced gain, volume, and flexibility. The Angry Charlie turbocharges your amp with a JCM800-style tone stack, conjuring up the famous Marshall-cranked-to-the-max "Brown Sound." Having two pedals in one is awesome, but JHS didn't stop there. The "order toggle" lets you pick the order of the Sweet Tea V3's signal path, making an already flexible pedal even more of a tonal Swiss army knife.