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Third Rock Music Center

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William Brock is a Guitarist, Composer, Producer and Music Instructor living in the Cincinnati area. Since early childhood, his love for music has enriched his life and provided him with rewarding friendships. William has a determination & passion for teaching others regardless of their skill level. 

 He understands that no two students are the same and that everyone needs different things on their musical journey. Fun Factor is the main guiding light in William's lesson programs. However, he always communicates to his student's that worthwhile achievements, in any aspect of life, are not instant. Rather, they take time, dedication, focus, patience and self-love

 Persistence and joyful commitment to learning guitar can truly enrich your life beyond measure. As such, William takes his responsibilities as a teacher seriously but always insists that the lessons are fun!



 -The University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music

=Bachelor of Music Performance in Jazz Studies with Entrepreneurship Minor 

 -Session Guitar and Audio Engineering with Grammy award winning artists and producers. (The Weeknd, Doc McKinney, Illangelo)

 -Awarded 2nd place in Premiere Guitar Magazine's worldwide melody writing contest.

 -10+ years of teaching experience.